Jewelry- The Need of Time

Fashionable Jewellery

Since the dawn of time, ornamentation of jewelry has been implemented by mankind. Jewelry is considered as one of the earliest forms of body adornment and it has been used for both decoration and functionality. History tells that it has been used for fixing clothes together, storage of items such as coins and to display status and wealth also. The majority cultures had a treasure-trove of wealth mainly consisting of ornaments and precious gems and stones. And traditionally it also used to be usual for families to give dowries with the betrothal of their daughters, frequently including jewelry.

Usually Jewelry fashioned from bone, teeth, stone, mammoth tusk, and sometimes mother-of-pearls. To make that, simple necklaces and bracelets were balanced on pieces of animal sinew or string as well. The special carved bone was also used to hold clothing together. With the passage of time, people had rich access to gemstones and they preferred to use colored glass pieces rather than precious gems. They had very specific formulations for creating glass that was exactly the desired since the colors used in the jewelry were very significant and important color. Green symbolized fertility and new growth for crops and red was used to satisfy Isis’ need for blood.

Later on, jewelry was predominately worn by women on special occasions and for public appearances. Additionally, it was often given as a gift and was used to show social status, wealth and beauty. People used gold and gems, especially emeralds, amethysts and pearls. Later, silver, ivory, bronze, clay and other gems were also utilized. Several times, the jewelry was dutifully representative while others were supposed to grant the wearer protection or supernatural powers.

You know the brooch, which is popular today was originally created to secure clothing together. That time people were known for their use of imported materials such as sapphires, amber, emeralds and diamonds. Women wore a lot more jewelry than men usually men wore only one finger ring though some wore rings on every finger. While jewelry changed over the years and is still evolving to this day, the foundation of its decoration and functionality began in early times. Till the times, We owe a lot to our primordial predecessors who paved the way in gold and exquisite jewels. Some of the most popular forms of jewelry are mentioned below:

  • Diamond Jewelry
  • Gold Jewelry
  • Gemstone Jewelry
  • Silver Jewelry
  • Pearl Jewelry
  • Platinum Jewelry

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